Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Vatican Attacks Fictional Work

I am consistently amazed by the odd things religious organizations choose to attack. The vatican devoted time and manpower to check into the DaVinci Code and construct not only arguments against it, but formulate an official response to it. How much of the Vatican's underground treasury was looted to garner funds for this research? "

"Bishop Valencia...melt down the ruby chalice of St. Andrew. Yes, the whole thing. It turns out we need to hire some temp help to find out exactly how to address the DOAT issue."

"Right....I remember. Dragons of Autumn Twilight. It's a foul tome whose only purpose on this earth is to further the causes of darkness. Dragons! And twilight. Darkness and all that. Can you imagine such horrid work existing in the same world as the holy father?"

"Let's see what Cardinal Ecco thinks. He was the guy who brought me as a contract hire during the late 90's when all those sinful programming language tutorials came out."

"Good idea."

Madness...sheer unabashed madness. By madness I mean mental instability and not the band Madness, whose liner notes for The Rise and Fall were denounced by the Vatican for

...failing to explicitly address the divine nature of the son of man in a work whose very existence is due to the fall (crucifixion) and subsequent rise (resurrection and eventual ascendence into heaven) of the holy savior.