Friday, October 03, 2003

My thoughts on Hegel and the BOOYAH dialectic.

So much has been made of the dialectic (Hegel's three young 'uns) that important aspects of their inter-relatedness...ness have been overlooked. Behold, his dialectic elements, as they appear in the indie-film classic chronicling their respective addictions to talc, salve, and gas station sushi.
  • Thesis: an idea
  • Antithesis (or anti-thesis): A conflicting idea which arises in response to the thesis
  • Synthesis: The tension between the thesis and antithesis (reports differ on the exact nature of the tension, but most feel it boils down to a sort of alchemical strain, rather than psychic strain, which Hegel decided was at least as likely as not.

Given these, the gift of Senor Hegel, we may pose the existence of another tripartite entity.
  • Thesisethis: If we view the previous three as axes in an idea-space, thesisethis is a measure of their orthogonality
  • Thesisethisasis: The projection of the axes onto a new, non-orthogonal axis ( a sort of inner-product)
  • Thesisethises: A diad composed of idea pairs, anti-idea pairs, and tension pairs.

I am glad to have cleared this up. (sigh of utmost relief)

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